Thursday, 10 March 2011

Microcosm on Westminster Bridge

Starting at Belveder Road and walking towards Westminster Station opposite the Houses of Parliament, it became apparent how an iconic bridge and its environs could so succinctly capture the development of a society.
This emergent representation - a microcosm of change in society, has to be captured in the fleeting moment, so that we reveal how swathes of our social reality are embedded in every frame of modern life.
We see the counter-point to our old society, and how things have changed; homogeneity has given way to multiculturalism and the sedate ways of more arduous times have been swept past by a more comfortable, yet ironically, hectice balance of our affects and the people around us.
The simple trip across the bridge illustrates this point in recent history and how it has developed and mutated, and how society has expanded and inter-twined.

[photos by John O'Sullivan | narrative by Aidan Harris]

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